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Who says diamonds are a girl's best friend? I believe we can have many good friends! Good friends like hand-rubbed lapis lazuli from Afghanistan, rare and glistening green garnet from Africa, enticing black and red coral from the tropical sea islands, soft glowing pearl from the deep seas of Japan. Soothing natural aquamarine, warm amber, sunny citrine and other popular favorites like amethyst, jade, labradorite, turquoise and unakite... the choice of "friends" are endless.

Stonehinged handcrafted gemstone jewelry is distinctively different and elegant. My original gemstone necklaces, gemstone pendants, gemstone bracelets and gemstone earrings are available in many popular, semi-precious stones, minerals and organic artifacts. My designs compliment the stone itself, while recalling its past glory as part of the earth. I gather them from countries from all over the world.

I primarily use wire wrapping and fold forming techniques in my jewelry designs and gladly take special orders!

My handmade jewelry will always retain its' value and will continue to increase over time, destined to become a treasured piece in your personal jewelry collection.

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