What Are Gemstones?

What are Gemstones and Gems?

by Chrisitne Breen

Today, the pride of possessing a rare and beautiful gemstone is as great as ever. Generally speaking, a gemstone is a stone that is beautiful, rare, and durable (resistant to abrasion, fracturing and chemical reactions). However, defining what a gemstone is has proven to be a major challenge. A gemstone is a precious or semi-precious stone used for jewelry.

Semi Precious Gemstones
A semi-precious gemstone includes any gemstone other than sapphire, emerald, or ruby. I have heard on a number of occasions that tanzanite has now been accepted as a precious gemstone. A precious gemstone has brilliance, beauty, durability, and rarity, whereas a semi-precious gemstone has only one or two of these qualities.

Gemstone Properties
A gemstone is prized especially for great beauty or perfection so appearance is almost always the most important attribute of gemstones. Brilliance, luster, fire, and color determine beauty of a gemstone. The hardness of a gemstone is determined by what is known as the Mohs scale. The clarity of a gemstone is graded by how many, where, and how large these inclusions are located. Another essential quality of a gemstone is durability.

Gem Value
The value of a gemstone is determined by a combination of its color, clarity, cut, and rarity. The most important factor when considering any gemstone is the cutting. The magnificence of a gemstone is solely dependent on its cut. Cut - the cut of a gemstone is of extraordinary importance. Cutting style refers to the way in which a gemstone is cut or faceted. If a gemstone is well cut the beauty and worth of the gemstone is increased. The way a gemstone is cut can affect its color, clarity, and brilliance. The best way to determine the value of a gemstone is to have it appraised by two or three experts.

Real or Fake Gems
Ask whether the gemstone is natural, synthetic, or imitation. A natural gemstone is a mineral, stone or organic matter, which has been formed in nature without any human intervention. Any treatment process other than cutting and polishing that improves the appearance, durability, or availability of a gemstone is an enhancement. If you sell synthetic or imitation gemstones, you should tell the consumer that the gemstone is not natural.

Metaphysical Properties of Gemstones
Gemstones have a long history of use in ornamentation, and have been attributed metaphysical properties. The correct choice of the gemstone is done on the basis of study of a person’s horoscope. Generally coral gemstone is also an ideal gem for a happy marital life. Other gems are useful for bringing emotional balance and to sooth heartaches. The shape affects the healing energy of a gemstone. The blue of sapphires represents faithfulness and love, so this gemstone is given in many countries as an engagement ring. Semi-precious gemstone bracelets are often chosen for their healing properties. Precious stones are believed for centuries to possess special power and the gemstone ring are supposed to bring its owner luck, health, and wealth.

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