Gemstone Meanings

Discover your favorite gemstone meanings on Throughout history the primary use for gems has been for their healing and spiritual rituals. The power the gems imparted to their wearers, made the rare and beautiful gems precious.

Gems are storehouses of power, which is transmitted through contact with one's body. Kings and queens would have gemstones set in their crowns to obtain their potencies. They connected the monarchs with forces enabling them to rule guided by cosmic energies. Priests of different religions used gems in rings for similar reasons. Gems exhibit their power in a beneficial or detrimental way - depending on how they are used.

The inherent powers of gemstones are recognized by modern science in the technological uses of crystals in watches, lasers, and computers, but the more subtle potencies, such as their ability to promote physical healing in the body, or their power to help balance human emotions, elude modern science.

The metaphysical descriptions of gemstones we handcraft in our necklaces, earrings and bracelets can be found below. Click on the links to shop as well as discover more about gemstone meanings and properties.

Meaning of AgateAgate ~ Protection Stone

Believed to attract strength and offer protection from bad dreams, stress and the draining of energy. Agate is said to awaken talents. Worn for general good luck, family happiness and for those interested in spiritual awareness.

Meaning of AmberAmber ~ Improves Decision Making

Fossilized tree resin from ancient forests. Usually transparent, though sometimes translucent. Most valued pieces contain preserved insects. Warriors once carried amber charms for luck in battle; associated with sensuality, love and wealth. Learn more. [–]

General Gemstone Details
Amber is the color of liquid sunshine...yellow for the midday sun, and orange, for the fiery sunsets. It was one of the first stones or substances to be used by very early humans in Asia, Africa and Europe for amulets and decoration.

The two main sources of amber on the market today are the Baltic States and the Dominican Republic. Amber from the Baltic States is older, and therefore preferred on the market, but amber from the Dominican Republic is more likely to have insect inclusions. Prices of amber can range from $20 to $40,000 or more.

In general the sunny energy is used to transmute negative energy, to cheer you up and help open you up to your divine blueprint. It is said to help draw sickness from the body and negativity from the emotional energy. For this reason, some say amber brings good luck!

Scientific Properties:

Mohs Hardness of 2.5 with an amorphous crystal structure.

It is commonly known that amber is the fossilized resin of trees. Most of all amber is golden yellow to golden orange, but there have been found specimens in green, red, violet and black as well.

Transparent to translucent properties usually occur in nodules or small, irregularly shaped masses with a cracked and weathered surface.

It is also possible for amber to contain insects that have been trapped millions of years ago while the resin was still sticky. It is quite rare that frogs, toads and even lizards have been found preserved as well.

Amber is one of the few stone that can be charged with electricity. When rubbed, amber produces a negative electrical charge that may attract dust. Heating and pressing together smaller pieces of amber form “Ambroid”.

The gem world divides amber into specific groups, which include:

  • Succinite (Baltic Amber)
  • Burmite (Burmese Amber)
  • Simetite (Sicilian Amber)
  • Rumanite (Rumanian Amber)

The last three are the most rare forms and sources of this substance.

Mystical Properties:

Because amber, unlike other gemstones, is warm to the touch and often contains insect fragments, it was thought to possess life. It was sacred to worshipers of the Mother Goddess in classical times, as it was believed to contain the very essence of life itself - the animating principle.

Due to the fact that amber is a fossil, it has associations with time, cycles and longevity. As it once was a living substance, it is related to Akasha. This is what is commonly called "The Fifth Element", which governs and binds together earth, air, fire and water, and in a sense it the ultimate source of those elements. Akasha is also symbolic of life and living things - plants, animals and humans alike.

All of these mysterious properties and associations make amber on of the most widely used and prized magical substances of all times and places on Earth.

Yellow/Gold/Orange amber is said to enhance the beauty of the wearer. It is used to tap into the power of the Sun, and is good for success, abundance, healing, vitality and joy. It brings the energies of patience, protection, psychic shielding, romantic love, sensuality, purification, balance, healing and calmness to those who wear or carry it. It is considered a good luck charm for marriage.

Healing Properties:

A powerful stone for manifestation, amber is also used for healing of the physical body as well. For over 7,000 years it has been used to stimulate the metabolism and treat skin ailments caused by a metabolic imbalance.

Because of its warmth it is used also in the treatment of asthma and allergic respiratory problems. Generally wearing amber in a necklace is the most effective for this ailment.

Amber carries a negative electrical energy charge and therefore is good to draw power and energy into its bearer. Amber gives a soothing, light energy that is both calming and energizing at the same time. It can help manifest desires and heighten intellectual abilities, clarity of thought, and wisdom. It cleanses its environment by drawing out negativity, and relieves physical pain the same way.

Magical Properties:

Energy: Projective

Element: Fire, Akasha

Deity: The Great Mother

Powers: Luck, healing, strength, protection, beauty, love

Soothing to the nerves and the spirit, as well as imparting a sense of protection, amber jewelry is appropriate to wear at any time. Said to be one of the stones in the breastplate of the high priest. Use amber to increase the strength of spells and to attract money. Added to the alter it will increase the strength of your magical spells.

Ambroid (amber pressed into forms) dark red gold: calms fears and helps one keep an intellectual outlook.

Clear, dark red: will contain or destroy negative emotions; calms the spirit.

Clear golden brown: sharp intellectual focus; clears metal confusion; balances the 6th, or Third Eye/Brow Chakra.

Milky golden: same as clear, but with much more inspirational energy.

Sea Amber (or burnite, solid, dark golden brown): helps one stay neutral and realistic in difficult situations, balances the 5th, or Throat Chakra.

Cleanse amber under lukewarm water, when you notice that it warms ever so slowly when you wear it or hold it. Negative energy can make amber cloudy. Never leave amber in the sun as it may become brittle.


Associations: The Sun

Not a traditional birthstone for any month.

Stone of Gemini, Leo and Virgo, its gold color symbolizes success.

Chakra Classification:

Healing, soothing and harmonizing... Amber helps to stabilize the kundalini and turns the intellect into more spiritual paths.

Amber is excellent for inner child work and past life work. Amber is associated with the 3rd, or Solar Plexus Chakra and sometimes the 2nd, or Sacral/Naval Chakra.

The different colors of amber may be used on the appropriate chakras to facilitate opening and cleansing.

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Meaning of AmethystAmethyst ~ Stone of Spirit

Amethyst is a stone of the mind; brings calmness and clarity; helps you to get in touch with your intuition, your feelings, or your values; aids sobriety, alcohol, food, and other addictions. Eases compulsive/obsessive behavior.

Meaning of AquamarineAquamarine ~ Arouses Good Feelings

Arouses feelings of sympathy, trust, harmony and friendship. According to legend it originated in the treasure chest of mermaids. Steeped in old tradition, it promises a happy marriage and is said to bring the woman who wears it joy and wealth into the bargain.

Meaning of CarnelianCarnelian ~ Energy Booster

Want more pep in your life? Wear Carnelian and feel the energy flow to you. Said to have mental grounding powers, Carnelian also gives courage, guards and protects the wearer from anger, jealousy and calms fear. Helps lessen feelings of guilt.

Meaning of CitrineCitrine ~ Dissipates Negative Energy

Warm energy, promotes optimism. Also attracts abundance, and is known as the "merchants' stone", to be placed where one conducts business, to not only acquire positive wealth, but to maintain it. Good for mental focus, endurance, and self-esteem.

Meaning of CoralCoral ~ Protection

Skeletal remains of small marine animals (no harvested living coral used in our jewelry). Symbolizes attachment; believed to aid against natural disasters, disease, bad luck and jealous friends; Eases depression, dispels nightmares.

Meaning of GarnetGarnet ~ Success in Business

Helps to become motivated and productive, attracts good luck in business ventures. The stone of passionate devotion – to your family, your friends, yourself, and your purpose or goals. Stimulates the senses, and increases vitality and stamina.

Meaning of GoldstoneGoldstone ~ Renews Strength

Enhances contemplations; lifts the spirit; physical stimulator; renews strength, balances energies. Not for the shy and self-effacing; keeps your feet grounded by not allowing you to become overwhelmed or bigheaded with newfound fame.

Meaning of HematiteHematite ~ Grounding and Stabilizing

Egyptians believed cured hysteria and anxiety; a strong "grounding" stone to help people feel calm and centered; increases the ability to concentrate. Reputed to be calming and soothing, which makes it a good choice for "worry" stones.

Meaning of JadeJade ~ Fidelity

Aids in healing and renews hope; the ultimate symbol of serenity, wisdom and balance; alleviates anxiety and fear based emotions; known for good luck and prosperity. Traditional charm for gardeners; reputed to ensure bountiful harvests.

Meaning of JasperJasper ~ Supreme Nurturer

Power and protection. Gives one courage to speak out and have personal independence; stone of the earth; a very "grounding" stone; once considered a Warriors Stone, it knows of loyalty, inner strength, and standing up for personal beliefs.

Meaning of KyaniteKyanite ~ Bridges Mind and Matter

A powerful stone of manifestation toward reaching your hopes, dreams and desires. A calming stone, it helps to quiet the mind, dissolving emotional, mental, or spiritual confusion, and letting go of anxiety. Particularly good at dissolving anger and frustration.

Meaning of LabradoriteLabradorite ~ Power Stone

Allows you to see through illusions and determine the actual form of your dreams and goals. It's excellent for strengthening intuitions. Use to stimulate imagination, develop enthusiasm and thus, new ideas, and to see more clearly in meditation.

Meaning of LapisLapis ~ Understanding the Mind

Balances the mind and brings wisdom, awareness; known as the "Stone of the Teachers"; represents friendship, truth; reputed to bring about harmony in relationships. Stone in the biblical 'Breastplate of Judgment' of Aaron (Exodus: xxviii, 15-30).

Meaning of MalachiteMalachite ~ Transformation

Brings harmony, peace into your life; stone for recognizing and releasing negative experiences, especially ones difficult to recall; powerful healing stone. Believed to warn the wearer of impending danger; associated with wealth.

Meaning of MoonstoneMoonstone ~ Emotional Balance

Brings good fortune, assists in foretelling the future, enhances intuition, promotes inspiration, brings success in love as well as business matters, and offers protection. The moonstone is associated with the moon and was the stone of the goddess Diana.

Meaning of PearlPearls ~ Symbols of Purity

Pearls symbolize purity, spiritual transformation, charity, honesty, wisdom and integrity, all the best within us. Pearls remind us to walk with dignity. Pearls lift the spirit and make you feel calm and beautiful. Brings focus, meditation, serenity, and tranquility.

Meaning of Rose QuartzRose Quartz ~ Love and Harmony

Known as the stone of gentle love, brings peacefulness and calm to relationships. Excellent for healing emotional wounds, removing negativity and restoring harmony after crisis situations. Promotes appreciation of art, music and the written word.

Meaning of SodaliteSodalite ~ Balance of Head and Heart

Eliminates fear and guilt better than any other stone; alleviates insomnia; clears up mental confusion and re-establishes inner peace; excellent stone to enhance communication skills; wonderful stone for creative types.

Meaning of SugiliteSugilite ~ Nurturing and Balance

Encourages the manifestation of love in our surroundings. Extremely effective in those wishing to explore the relationship between physical health and the mental body. Removes negativity, supports a feeling of well-being and empowers co-creation.

Meaning of SunstoneSunstone ~ Leadership Stone

A gemstone of optimism and good will; removes feelings of fear and stress; enhances vitality; promotes independence and originality, and brings good luck. Sunstone offers clarity and the ability to act with a higher will and purpose.

Meaning of Tiger EyeTiger Eye ~ Self-Discipline

Aids sleep; promotes balance and strength for difficult phases of life; relieves doubt, bestows decision-making. People in emotional turmoil and transitional states find it grounds them as soon as they are in it. Long been associated with wealth.

Meaning of TurquoiseTurquoise ~ Awakening / Sacred Knowledge

Protection, healing, good luck and longevity. Book of Exodus refers to it as one of the stones in the Breastplate of the Hebrew High Priest Aaron. Versatile POWER STONE that Native Americans honor. Protects and blesses the user.

Meaning of UnakiteUnakite ~ Balances Physical and Emotional Well-Being

Connects you with universal energies; helps to enhance situations you focus your mind on (interviews, money making, finding a partner); helps you to move on in life and become "unstuck" as well as attracting friendships.


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